TCNJ Round 2

Here I am back at Ruamrudee International School for my second session of summer study in the Masters in Ed Leadership course run by the Global Program in Bangkok from The College of New Jersey. I’ve started off with a bang in the Cultural Foundations in Education class. So far it’s been interesting discussing various forms of multiculturalism and relating that to our wonderful international classrooms. There are heavy readings and quite a load of work, but good fun reuniting with old classmates from last summer (and of course missing those who graduated) and realising how connected we all are in the international school circuit, especially here in Asia, where I would argue are the best international schools!!

So, back to hitting the books, or laptop and study study study for a while!!

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1 Response to TCNJ Round 2

  1. Mr. Elliott says:

    kinda jealous of you there Sal! wish I was studying too.

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