I am a Music Teacher who loves to travel, run, relax, read a good book, sing a cappella, learn about different cultures and meet new people.

Currently, I am teaching Music at United Nations International School (UNIS), Hanoi, Vietnam and loving it! I just finished my 18th year teaching music in International Schools in Asia!

A few summer July holidays ago, I graduated from a Masters in Educational Leadership at The College Of New Jersey Global Program in Mallorca, Spain, 2013. After four years of dedicated summer study and an intense last school year, I am enjoying reading books of my choice for pleasure again!

In the school year in Nov 2013, I hosted the wonderful Mr Richard Gill as visiting artist to work with students at UNIS Hanoi. This led to more enthusiastic involvement using the Orff Schulwerk teaching methodology at school and completing level one of the Orff Schulwerk course in Canberra, Jan 2014. I am keen to continue with this teaching method to complete more levels and share quality music education teaching pedagogy with others in this region.

Previously I ran two half marathons within a week which is something I never imagined doing, and I enjoyed it! One was at Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia and the other was at Song Hong, Hanoi, Vietnam.

I have lived five years in Jakarta, Indonesia teaching ES Music at Jakarta International School (JIS), four years in Shanghai, China teaching MS Music/Drama at Shanghai American School, Puxi (SAS), and now in my ninth and final year at UNIS, teaching ES Music.

My original home is Adelaide, South Australia. I taught music in Adelaide and OLSH College, Alice Springs. I was heavily involved with the Adelaide branch of The Australia Girls Choir and loved working with this organisation, along with The Australian Youth Choir and The Kappelle Singers in its early days.

One of my passions is a cappella music. I’ve been lucky to be involved with SingStrong a cappella organization in the USA, with my good friends from Blue Jupiter whom I have been able to bring to Asia for K – 12 Vocal Workshops in Shanghai. Middle School Students from Shanghai and I toured to Singapore for an a cappella camp with The A cappella Society in Singapore. At UNIS, I am lucky to work with a fabulous group of teachers who are also enjoying the sounds of a cappella. We call ourselves ‘The Oi Cappellas’.

Here is one more link for contemporary a cappella. Enjoy!

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