Grade 4 Music

Grade 4 Music consists of:

  • Creating, composing and arranging using Orff instruments
  • Singing
  • Grade 4 Performing Arts Celebration (PAC)
  • Music Sharing
  • Instrumental Program

Grade 4 Instrumental Program

Through the UNIS Music Academy, students learn one of the following instruments for 10 – 12 weeks during their music lessons, during the school day. The goal is for students to experience learning an instrument in a small group.

  • flute
  • clarinet
  • trumpet
  • violin
  • viola
  • cello

We work to accommodate students in one of their top 3 preferred choices. However, this depends largely on the availability of instruments and Music Academy Teachers.

Tuition fees and instrumental use are provided and paid by UNIS for this special instrumental program.

Students perform in a small recital at the end of their time on their instruments. this is always a rewarding and fun concert!

After their time on the instrument, students may wish to join the Beginning Band on which rehearses Thursday mornings before school. Students who wish to join this group need to talk with Ms Sally.

Students can also continue on their chosen instrument through private (or small group) tuition with their teacher in the Music Academy. There is a small rental charge for the instrument use and tuition fees. Students wishing to continue on their instrument can sign up with Ms Cham in the Music Academy.


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