Useful Info

Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk ANCOS The Australian Orff Schulwerk association. It offers insight into the Orff Music teaching methodology and is a great resource for Music Teachers and Parents and/or Community members interested in the Orff ways of teaching music.

Kodaly techniques offers many ideas and teaching philosophies behind the Kodaly method. Zoltan Kodaly was the person behind the solfa system; Do re mi fa so la ti do. He also believed that all children can sing, beginning with children’s folk songs from their own culture (the song children hear in early years) and working with those musical intervals and sounds first, moving into more complex singing and music theory, using the solfa system as a base. Kodaly was a Hungarian music composer. I have been lucky to learn some of his more complex a cappella works for choirs in Hungarian, when performing and touring with the Pembroke Girls Choir.

Dalcroze method The Dalcroze method uses rhythmic movement, aural training, and physical, vocal and instrumental improvisation. It is a way to express movement to music and make connections to other arts and activities. Dalcroze offers a way for people to express their intrinsic emotions through movement.

Music Educators National Conference MENC is a website for Music Educators, based in America. A very resourceful association of thousands of music teachers!

International Schools Theatre Association ISTA A drama education site, based in the UK, which runs festivals, workshops, artists in residence programs for International Schools interested in Drama Education. I have loved my involvement with ISTA over the years, including recently hosting a Middle School Drama ISTA Festival at Shanghai American School, Puxi (SAS, Puxi) in March 2009.

TCNJ The College of New Jersey home website.

Hanoi Grapevine An expat guide to living in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The New Hanoian Another expat guide to living in Hanoi, Vietnam.

SingStrong A cappella conference in the USA

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